On the road!

Finally after 2 hours of lifting, carrying and packing the bus in -25 degrees we are on our way to Storvik, close to Gävle.
We are gonna play at Granlidens food & wine house tonight. We're gonna give you an awesome show!
With Amon Amarth in the stereo we are driving through the sunny winterland...
Peter the Pungbear is driving! Miffe's drinking beer, Tobbe's iphoning, Patrik's reading close up magazine, Nat's doing crossword and I'm bloging!

Stay tooned for more adventure on the road with us!!

\m/  \m/

Postat av: A-K

Kör hårt! :D


2011-02-19 @ 15:24:32
URL: http://evyh.blogg.se/

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