on the road home

the gig went down well depite the fact that patrik had migraine just before we went on stage but some red pills made him clean as a whistle. the audience seemed not to realize the greatness of our performance and was laid back but it differed 2 votes to win this semifinal against meadows end and hårdrocksleif so we are happy bout that. some nice afterparty at the club with laughs. goaks and drinks on the stones. some strippng down the road to our sleepingroom and miffe find a fyllecykel but were not allowed to take it home... our hired white busmonster rolls the road home now as we listen to manowar and some of us have red eyes. thank you oernskjoeldsvijk for this time, see you again next time!

in the loge

meh! vi kan ju inte ha en gris i logen! oh, now im going to be international. in ingliscchh. we sit in the green room and jocke had just ate some olde cheese dipp to the chips. he did not like it. we have had soundcheck. jossan smells like a girlperfume.  jossan gets som stauts from the cables. first band is coming up now but me and patrik is still sitting in t3h greenroom, behind the scenes kinda like. hårdrockleif is the name of the first band asking for reserv guitar of patrik he say yes. jossans joins us now she is afraid of leif. we had some pastatuna food in the kitchen. no toilet here so....we pee in cans. out for now /miffe the bassman

Myrah goes Ikea

Just picked up Miffe at the trainstation.. He missed our awesome time at Ikea.
Beds, barcabinetts and unimportant stuff has been bought. We lost Tobbe in the kitchendepartment.
Patrik got stuck in the beddepartment but luckily we came out of there unharmed.
With a loaded truck, beers in out hands and metal in the stereo we continue our trip to Örnsköldsvik.
We'll raise the roof tonight!

\m/  \m/

On our way to Örnsköldsvik


Now we are on our way to the mighty Örnsköldsvik, and we are gonna kick ass!
We will keep you updated on this trip, we will put up some nasty pictures as well, so stay put!
Tack o hej leverpastej!

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