YOUR help makes the difference!
We played at Metalcamp last year, and they want us to come back this year.
So..we started a fundraising, our last hope to get the money to go there.
Any contribution at all is helpful. Even if its just pennies or a few euro.
Come on now! Help us and we'll be very grateful!!
If you live outside Sweden, use paypal:

(If you wanna buy metalcamp tickets you can do that too of course.
Costs around 100 Euro and you get our debutalbum and a band t-shirt for free)

Om du bor i Sverige, sätt in pengarna på (Swedbank) 8147-1, 973 520 637-8
Kontoinnehavare Josefin Gabrielsson-Berg.
Kom ihåg, många bäckar små. Om alla hjälper till med en 50-lapp blir det inga problem... en öl på krogen går att offra eller hur!!
Bjud in alla ni känner!
(Vill ni köpa metalcampbiljetter så går det självklart bra också! Dom kostar 1000 kr och då får ni debutalbum och tröja på köpet!)

We'll be forever greatful to everyone that helps us!

Tell all your friends please to help and we hope to see you at metalcamp!

Reporting from the drunken headquarters

Did a kickass gig!!! The other bands rocked too.
Had some talks about dicks and stuff.. shared a few farts..  drank some beer in the "tourbus"

Now we're afterpartying at the hotel, wanted to go in the pool, but it was closed even for rockstars.

Tobbe reports!!!


Tobbe here for the first time, if I think about it so is this the first time ever i´m writing in a blog!
Fancy that! Anyways the gig in Umeå was great success!!!! I like Borat!!!!
Life on the road is a bit different compared to regular work, but we in Myrah love it!
Warm beers, long trips, junk food and no sleep!

Gonna continue to drink my beer now and hope we see you on tour in near future!
Over and out!
Tobbelito from Myrah


for the late update! The reception sucks in the north swedish woods.
Bears chewing on the cables and stuff!

Soon we are in Umeå, we're gonna kick ass with 2 other bands at Hamnmagasinet.
Havent been able to upload any pictures yet but stay tooned and it will come!

Bye for now!


As most of you probably already know, Myrah is attending Metalcamp (Tolmin Slovenia) this year also!
Our next mission is to sell as many tickets as we possibly can. If we sell the most we get to attend next year at the mainstage! So if you are going, please buy the tickets from us. You get our autographed debutalbum "Six feet down" and a Myrah t-shirt for free. Order at


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