Myrah goes to England!!!

A new gig is confirmed!
We're playing at Gosport Festival near Portsmouth, saturday the 27th of August!
It's gonna kick ass!!

Hard working!

We're all working our asses off to get where we wanna be.
Tons of e-mails sent, phonecalls being made, cds sent around the world...

If you want something done, do it yourself, dont sit around and just wait!

Horns up!

My Deliverance is out!

Myrah's new EP My Deliverance is now finished and out!
You can listen to all 3 songs here!!
The songs are called: "Illusions" "Like Tears In The Rain" and "My Deliverance" Enjoy!!

New gig!

A new gig is confirmed September 17th at Granliden, Storvik outside of Gävle.
Its gonna be awesome!

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