We have a new companion!

Myrah just bought a companion.... Here is our new crew member!


We've fixed the bugs on the website and also added a guestbook! So go on, write something!!!!

More awesome reviews!!

The reviewes keep on coming! Here are some more...
A review from Greek Flight of Pegasus
A review from Metal Temple
A review from Dutch Lords of Metal

Lots of reviews for My Deliverance!!

Yes the reviews are pouring in, and for that we thank you! Here are some links if you wanna read them. Some of them are in other languages but use google translator and you'll get the most of it. Enjoy!!!
A french review from Metalship webzine
A GREAT review from swedish Rocknytt
A german review from Bleeding4Metal
A danish review from Heavymetal.dk
An italian review from Metallus.it
Another german review from Metal.de
A finnish review from Desibeli
Another german review from Oblivion (Scroll down the page a bit and you'll find it there)
Horns up!!!

New gig!

We got the chance to play at Atlanterhavsrock in Norway this year again, and who can say no to that ;)
So this Friday we will rock that festival! See you there!!

Myrah on german radio!

Yes, we made it into the german radiostation "Hazzard of darkness"! We even got to record our own jingle, how about that??

New review!

We got a review of My Deliverance at Valkyrian Music. Check it out HERE!


Jossan and Miffe hanging out at Tingshuset café. What are we up to?

Myrah on Spotify!!

Now you can listen to the new album on Spotify also!

The release date is finally here!!!

Yes, today we release our second album "My Deliverance" You can order it from Ginza or CDON. ENJOY!

Another exclusive preview of the album!!

We posted another sample of the new upcoming album on our Myspace. This week you can listen to our song Desolation. But ONLY during this week. So go ahead and enjoy!! ;)


Yes... Our beloved Nat is back in business!! So now we are rehearsing again... with all of our members in place!!

My Deliverance Promo Video!!!

Check it out!

A taste of the new album!!

Take the opportunity to listen to one of the songs from our upcoming album. It will only be avalible to hear for a few days, so don't miss it! You can listen to it -----> HERE!!!! ENJOY!

Myrah on Bandit Rock!

When we got home from tour we found out that they played our song Illusions on national radio (Bandit Rock)! And for that we are glad!

"Six feet down" live in Germany

Fluffi from Mainpoint filmed Six feet down when we played at the Schlosskeller in Weisenfells. The sound quality is not very great but still, ENJOY!

Thank you Mainpoint!!

For the best tour so far! We look forward to tour together again. So much laughter, so much metal, so much fun, and so much havanna club!!

Folding merch!!!!

We've been folding Myrah shirts for an hour haha, but now we have a great system, easy to find every size and fit. Good work Myrah members!

A stroll around Rostock!

Now we are checking out Rostock! Wating for Mäxx to finish work. It's 20 degrees out, the sun is shining and we are feeling great. Horns up!!

Safely in Germany!

Yaaay we made it all the way from Riga through hell (Poland) to Germany! Our friend Mäxx the manager from Mainpoint was too kind and is letting all of us stay with hom and his girlfriend. We drove 2200 kilometres in total. Feels good to finally be here. We're gonna rock Germany 5 days in a row starting on wednesday. We'll keep updating so stay tuned! The raise your boobs tour part 2 is coming up!!!!!

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