in the loge

meh! vi kan ju inte ha en gris i logen! oh, now im going to be international. in ingliscchh. we sit in the green room and jocke had just ate some olde cheese dipp to the chips. he did not like it. we have had soundcheck. jossan smells like a girlperfume.  jossan gets som stauts from the cables. first band is coming up now but me and patrik is still sitting in t3h greenroom, behind the scenes kinda like. hårdrockleif is the name of the first band asking for reserv guitar of patrik he say yes. jossans joins us now she is afraid of leif. we had some pastatuna food in the kitchen. no toilet here so....we pee in cans. out for now /miffe the bassman

Postat av: Nat

No toilets?! What the..?

2010-04-24 @ 01:52:39

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